MSP 2019 Salary Guide


Over the years, medical staff services has evolved from a clerical field into a multifaceted career path, but this rapid growth doesn’t preempt the occasional flare-up of an outdated attitude. Ongoing advocacy is key to advancing numerous professional goals, including improving public understanding, gaining deserved recognition, and priming the next generation of MSPs for success.


The 2019 MSP Salary Survey Report sheds light on urgent focuses, burgeoning functions, and emerging markets identified by medical staff movers and shakers who keep their finger on the industry’s pulse. By using the trends detailed in this report to enrich their professional con-tributions, MSPs can gain the competitive edge in an industry on the move.


This report will address:

  • The trend of low-end salaries declining
  • Salary range by title
  • Bonuses, raises, and other benefits


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