Data released in May 2019 found the assault rate against healthcare workers increased from 9.3 incidents in 2016 to 11.7 in 2018 — the highest rate that IAHSS has ever recorded since it began collecting crime data in 2012. 


TrainingToday's courses on healthcare violence prevention will equip your staff with the skills they need to respond effectively in sensitive situations and mitigate the risk and impact of a violent incident. 





This course is designed to meet the requirements of California’s Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare, but it outlines preventive and safe work practices that can apply to facilities around the country. In this training session, we will discuss roles in preventing violence, recognizing potential threats, defusing violent situations, and reporting any violent incidents.


Trainees will learn how to: 

  • Recognize the potential for violence and identify risk factors that contribute to the escalation of violence;
  • Follow the procedures of the workplace violence prevention plan;
  • Implement strategies to defuse or counteract the risks of escalation, prevent harm from workplace violence, and get assistance to prevent or respond to violence;
  • Recognize and respond to potential large-scale emergencies such as active shooter or terrorist and bomb threats;
  • Follow procedures after an evacuation alarm sounds;
  • Access resources to cope and recover in the aftermath of violent incidents; and
  • Report incidents of workplace violence.






This course is designed for healthcare workers who could find themselves in an active shooter situation before law enforcement arrives, and describes methods to limit the damage and save lives both before and during these traumatic incidents.


Trainees will learn how to:

  • Recognize signs that active or former employees may be planning a shooting event;

  • How to respond quickly and effectively in an active shooter situation; and

  • What steps they can take to limit damage and save lives during an active shooter event.