Name the NEW ACDIS Interactive Pocket Guide Tool

Chosen Entry Wins FREE Access (and More!)


The award-winning content and expertise you've come to expect from ACDIS is now available in a new, customizable online tool!


Because we value the input of our community of CDI professionals, we are asking for your help coming up with a name that will showcase just how exceptional the tool is for streamlining clinical documentation processes.


Here are four ways it will make your job easier:


  • Find it faster! Search by clinical condition, ICD-10 code or MDC category to locate the guidance you need in less than a second.
  • Ensure accuracy! The online tool is updated in real-time. Get the latest expert and official guidance you need to ensure accuracy and compliance. Once you look up your clinical condition, you’ll receive all the guidance related to the condition – including a detailed clinical definition, diagnostic criteria and treatment protocols, ICD-10-CM chapter-specific documentation requirements, CDI critical thinking tips and more – all on one scrollable page so you can quickly jump to the section you need!
  • Make it your own! Customize the application to your specific needs with personalized notes and bookmarks that ensure consistency and maximize efficiency.
  • Use it on any device! Our web-responsive design allows the tool to be used on your phone, tablet, PC or laptop.


The entrant who comes up with the best name suggestion will win:


  • A free subscription to the online tool
  • A free, autographed copy of the 2021 ACDIS Pocket Guide
  • A free pass to the 2021 ACDIS Conference in Dallas, TX!


Want to learn more to help you come up with the PERFECT name for this product?  Watch the video below, or attend a live demo!