Accreditation Resource Center


Training and education to ensure a successful accreditation system at your facility and guidance to integrate continuous survey readiness into daily operations. Survey coordinators, accreditation and quality professionals gain indepth explanations of CMS and Joint Commission requirements while ensuring a higher level of care.

The CMS Compliance Crosswalk



This book is the latest and greatest edition of HCPro’s highly regarded accreditation crosswalk. This book shows you how to comply with each Condition of Participation (CoP) set forth by CMS and highlights which requirements from The Joint Commission and other accrediting organizations correspond to individual CoPs.


The CMS Conditions of Participation and Interpretive Guidelines


Get the most recent version of CMS’ CoPs and the corresponding Interpretive Guidelines (IG) in an easy-to-use format to simplify your job! This new edition will contain the most recent CoPs and Survey and Certification memos, which include new requirements on ligature risk, texting patient information, and door-closing devices.


Accreditation and Quality Compliance Center (AQCC)


A one-stop-shop for all accreditation, quality, and patient safety professionals! Featuring weekly article releases, a monthly newsletter, best practices and tools related to sentinel events, care of patients, medication errors, infection control, restraints, competencies, credentialing, patient assessment, falls, workplace violence and more!



Chapter Leader's Guide to Environment of Care


Break down The Joint Commission's complex Environment of Care (EOC) requirements into easy-to-understand solutions. Get simplified explanations of the chapter's key components along with communication techniques to help foster strong and successful partnerships between survey coordinator, chapter leader, and staff of all levels.


Chapter Leader's Guide to Emergency Management



Keep your facility up to speed on the ever-increasing emergency management requirements, pinpoint compliance loopholes in your current emergency management program, understand what it means to be prepared for an emergency under Joint Commission and CMS standards, and much more!


Survey Success: A Hospital Guide to Mock Surveys

Get your entire team ready for the moment surveyors walk through your front door! This premier survey prep guide breaks down the latest CMS standards in a mock survey checklist format and guides you through practice tracers throughout your organization. The included tools help train chapter leaders and committee members to easily delegate the right forms to the right people on their committees.


Accreditation Specialist Boot Camp




The Accreditation Specialist Boot Camp provides in-depth explanations of CMS and Joint Commission requirements, and briefly covers HFAP and DNV standards if students are accredited by those bodies. Instructors focus on teaching participants how to integrate continuous survey readiness into daily operations.


The Accreditation Specialist Boot Camp is a thorough two-and-a-half day course that provides survey coordinators and accreditation and quality professionals with best practices for survey prep, training, and overall management.



Analyzing the Hospital Life Safety Survey, Fourth Edition



Your facility is explored from top to bottom for life safety compliance when life safety surveyors arrive on-site. Beat them to the punch with assistance from Analyzing the Hospital Life Safety Survey, Fourth Edition by doing your own in-depth analysis of your organization.




The Survey Coordinator's Handbook, 21st Edition



The Survey Coordinator's Handbook, 21st Edition, is the ultimate resource in survey prep for all accreditation professionals no matter their experience level. This handbook walks through every step of preparation, explaining key problem areas and highlighting major areas of focus for surveyors.