Meaningful data, clear messaging, and successful relationships necessary ingredients to convey value of CDI

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on healthcare systems, and CDI departments have suffered from the fallout. An ACDIS survey conducted in June in the aftermath of the initial outbreak showed that many were hit with furloughs, salary reductions, and in some cases layoffs.

But many organizations’ CDI departments survived relatively unscathed, even those in hard-hit areas where their peers suffered disproportionately. Looking into the “why” behind this phenomenon, it seems that the best-faring CDI departments deliver clear value to their organization and have a clear channel to communicate that value to hospital administration. When they did suffer setbacks, these CDI departments were able to bounce back quicker, because they had an effective communication strategy and great relationships with organizational administration.

This paper shares stories from CDI teams who’ve weathered the pandemic and offers proven principles and recommended best practices on communicating the value of your CDI department. While this paper was precipitated by COVID-19 and its associated fallout, the strategies discussed apply regardless of circumstance. Value should always be on the minds of CDI leaders in their day-to-day operations and communications.

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