Enhance Your Pre-admission Process Prior to PDPM

PDPM Preparedness


The pre-admission process will take on an entirely new level of importance as the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) goes into effect.

In PDPM, payment hinges on proper admission practices. The clinical data gathered before admission informs the case-mix group the patient could fall into, says Reta Underwood, RAC-CT, C-NM, QCP, Medicare specialist and president of Consultants for Long Term Care. As such, many facilities admissions processes are not set up to collect the amount of data required by PDPM. Without that clinical data, providers may miss valuable revenue opportunities, says Eleisha Wilkes, RN, RAC-CT, clinical consultant with Proactive Medical Review. With PDPM implementation right around the corner, many facilities may adapt their admissions process to meet PDPM’s new requirements. Consider implementing the following best practices for a solid PDPM-ready preadmission process.


This free list of tips covers:

  • Primary diagnosis steps
  • Data collection best practices
  • Building referral sources
  • And more!



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