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Implications of Consolidated Billing Under PDPM Q&A




Find answers to frequently asked questions on consolidated billing and the Oct. 1, 2019, implementation of PDPM. Gain insight on:

  • Projecting a resident's needs and expenses upon admission for accurate clinical category placement
  • Ensuring accurate reimbursement by conducting thorough preadmission screenings
  • Appropriately staffing the admissions department

10 Questions for Projecting Revenue at Admission Under PDPM




The release of this exclusive PDPM questionnaire will serve as an essential tool for you to estimate the revenue and expenses of a Medicare Part A resident admitted under this new case-mix classification model. October 1, 2019 will mark the first day that the new model will be implemented under the SNF Prospective Payment System. Explore factors that might impact you such as:

  • Resident risks
  • Costly drug prescriptions
  • Equipment purchases

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