The Next Phase of CDI: Embracing AI for Greater Impact


Learn how to leverage AI for CDI advancement, navigate the biggest challenges when implementing a new AI solution, and understand the future of CDI and AI.

CDI is undergoing considerable changes, as seen in the fluidity of job roles, the adoption of remote work models, an uptick in retirements, and a trend of nurses not returning to their pre-pandemic CDI roles. Hospitals are revisiting and revising traditional reporting structures, increasingly directing CDI departments to report to revenue cycle management instead of the C-suite or through HIM. This shift underscores CDI's growing influence within the healthcare landscape.

As organizations adapt to these transitions, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation within CDI operations is on the rise. These tools are increasingly helping CDI professionals prioritize their most impactful work to improve quality, denial prevention, and revenue preservation. Consequently, advanced technology is becoming a critical factor in defining the strategy and future of CDI programs.

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