Industry Focus Report: CDI Top Technologies

Over the years, CDI professionals have been tasked with more and more responsibilities. This increase in scope can be linked to the general expansion and transition of healthcare from quantity-based to quality-based reimbursement, but also simply to the fact that CDI programs have proved themselves infinitely valuable to organizations.


The moral of the story is that CDI professionals are busy and while everyone would love to add more staff to their team, the reality is that many programs simply don’t have the budgetary bandwidth.


This is where technology steps into the picture for many teams. Technology was never meant to take CDI professionals’ jobs away, but instead to function alongside them, supporting their efforts, removing some of the “low-hanging fruit” tasks, and freeing up their valuable time to focus on bigger and more complex issues.


In this special CDI Journal supplement readers will learn about:

  • Improving efficiency and impact with prioritization
  • Telling patients’ full stories with advanced code sequencing
  • Implementing proactive CDI strategies using computer-assisted physician documentation
  • Creating a successful framework for capturing hierarchical condition categories (HCC)

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