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Compliance advice, best practices, training tools, and sample forms and documents to solve the toughest challenges in graduate medical education. These resources help residency program managers and directors ensure resident competence, comply with accreditation standards, and operate an efficient and effective residency program.

The Resident’s Orientation Handbook


This handbook allows program directors and coordinators to put those important, sometimes-overlooked guidelines right into the hands of their residents for reference throughout the program. The handbook’s information is universal to all ACGME-accredited residency programs, across all types of hospitals and specialties, providing tired residents with need-to-know information in a quick and convenient format.



The Residency Coordinator's Handbook


This helpful handbook offers residency program and fellowship coordinators the education and field-tested solutions they need to ensure a successful and efficiently run residency/fellowship program. With contributors from an array of backgrounds, this book offers a global, multispecialty view of coordinator duties. New and veteran coordinators will benefit from the guidance, sample policies, and program tools they can implement immediately.


Resident Well-Being: A Guide for Residency Programs



A tool for residency program directors, coordinators, and faculty to teach residents to pay more attention to their self-care and understand how their wellness influences the care they give their patients. Specifically addressing how to help residents with burnout, depression, stress, and work-life balance. Training tools are included, as well as case studies and examples from various programs about the tools they have implemented.


Beyond ACGME Compliance: Successful Development, Oversight, and Enhancement of Residency Programs


This book will provide readers with essential tools and processes to create a robust residency program oversight system for their institution that satisfies ACGME Institutional, Common, and Specialty Program Requirements under the Next Accreditation System (NAS) and which can be tailored to the unique characteristics of their educational environment.


The Guide for Graduate Medical Education Offices and Program Coordinators

This book will guide your GME operations so that you can achieve compliance with ACGME requirements; support your program directors, and faculty; and most importantly, produce trainees who become skilled physicians as they move from the educational continuum to the independent practice of medicine.


Advancing Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp



The Advancing Residency Program Coordinator Boot Camp provides an interactive setting for seasoned residency program coordinators who are looking to advance their careers. This two-day intensive course moves beyond the basics and focuses on topics such as: mentoring newer coordinators, involvement in scholarly activities, role in faculty development, managing disciplinary actions, and working with limited budgets.


A combination of instructor-led presentation, class interaction, and hands-on learning, this boot camp will give coordinators the skills to move out of their comfort zone and build their confidence in areas such as poster presentation development and writing academic papers.


Manage the Underperforming Resident: Remediation and Documentation Strategies




Residents are students, not employees, and this must be reflected in your remediation process. A formal remediation plan should be designed as an educational process, not as punishment, rehabilitation, or recycling. In this 90-minute on-demand webcast, residency expert Franklin J. Medio, PhD, discusses the nature of remedial learning in competency-based evaluations and how the program director, faculty, and program coordinator each have an integral role in the development and implementation of remediation plans.




Resident's Orientation Online Learning Library




Get your residents up to speed and ensure ACGME compliance with the Resident’s Orientation Online Learning course. This 45-minute course covers a range of topics specifically for residents such as the ACGME resident survey; the evaluation process, including Milestones and the six core competencies; the Clinical Learning Environment Review, resident work hour restrictions; resident well-being; clinical documentation; discipline, grievances, and due process; and fatigue prevention and mitigation.

Residency program coordinators can easily track course completion and final exam results.




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