Nursing Resource Center


Education and management resources for nursing professionals to effectively train and lead staff members and employ evidence-based best practices. Covering challenges including developing leadership and management skills, building critical thinking, and becoming the voice of nursing.

Shared Governance: The Essentials for Building Competencies and Measuring Progress


At the heart of shared governance is a collective effort in achieving a greater good for the patient. This book provides the tools to help you build competencies and measure progress, processes, and outcomes for organizational shared governance with the goal of improved staff satisfaction, productivity, and patient care.



Nurse Practitioner Fellowship: Program Planning and Curriculum Development



This resource can be used as a step-by-step guide for those interested in developing, implementing, evaluating and improving upon current NP fellowship programs. Each chapter also contains useful activities and answers to frequently asked questions when starting an NP fellowship program.



Essential Skills for Nurse Managers



Novice and experienced nurse managers will find the proven strategies, tools, and resources they need to excel as nurse leaders. This book provides downloadable forms and tools on all the key topics that enable the manager to immediately incorporate the strategies and techniques in the book into practice.


Nurse Residency Program Builder



This title provides a multitude of expert advice and resources to get you started and truly make the program work for your facility. Each chapter gives you the best-practice components needed to implement or enhance a successful NRP within your organization.


Effective Preceptor Handbook for Nurses


In this invaluable and compact handbook, nurse preceptors in training will learn how to access adult learning styles, validate competencies, develop critical feedback and evaluation skills, and gain confidence to successfully onboard and launch their preceptees.


Nursing Orientation Program Builder: Essential Tools for Onboarding, Orientation, and Transition to Practice


The onboarding process can be a make or break period for a new employee. Nursing Orientation Program Builder will help elevate and accelerate this process, reduce the risk of losing new employees, and assist fresh hires to become productive team members. This book provides definitions, tools, and evidence-based strategies and resources to help organizations recruit and retain the best-qualified employees. It supplies a comprehensive onboarding and orientation program, along with methods to measure integration into service and practice.



Certified Nursing Assistant Online Learning Library



The Long-Term Care Certified Nursing Assistant Online Learning Library's lessons are targeted to the unique needs and educational concerns of your CNAs.  The courses included cover a number of clinical skills that CNAs need to meet residents’ needs and ensure regulatory compliance and accurate documentation. 


At the conclusion of this library, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the clinical skills necessary to meet residents’ needs and provide resident-centered care
  • Accurately assess and document a variety of residents' clinical conditions
  • Improve quality care delivery and identify effective communication methods

Patient Safety Strategies: Building a Fall Prevention Toolkit




Patient falls are a fixture in The Joint Commission’s list of top 10 sentinel events; in fact, they were the third highest sentinel event reported to the accreditor in 2016. Causes of falls can include inadequate assessments, side effects from medications or diseases, and environmental hazards, as well as a lack of leadership or staff orientation.


During this three-hour virtual workshop, Carole Eldridge, DNP, RN, CNE, NEA-BC, and Virginia Hall, DNP, MSN/Ed. RN, CNE, will provide a step-by-step guide to setting up a successful and sustainable evidence-based multidisciplinary fall prevention program in your facility.



Patient Safety Strategies: Evidence-Based Practices for Fall Prevention

Go step-by-step through setting up a successful and sustainable evidence-based multidisciplinary fall prevention program to protect patients. An evidence-based fall prevention program that is multidisciplinary now includes all members of the healthcare team. This provides patients in all settings with the best and safest approach to the prevention of falls.


Preventing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections



This comprehensive book will help you implement a personalized prevention program that builds on your current procedures for monitoring catheter usage and CAUTI rates. Through evidence-based best practices and guidelines, you will be able to effectively track patients with catheters and the duration of each catheterization.



The Charge Nurse Training System



Purchase this training package and save! This book package includes two resources designed for supporting charge nurses in their important work of creating a better, more professional nursing environment. This package includes: The Effective Charge Nurse Handbook and The Charge Nurse Leader Program Builder: A Competency-Based Approach for Developing Frontline Leaders