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Expert credentialing, privileging, and peer review guidance and education. Efficiency- and compliance-minded tools and guidance help MSPs, medical staff leaders, and quality professionals tackle today’s top practitioner vetting challenges and effectively manage their evolving medical staffs.

The Medical Staff Leader's Practical Guide: Survival Tips for Navigating Your Leadership Role

A well-trained medical staff leader is vital to the culture of a hospital’s medical staff and can save a hospital from the expense of lawsuits affiliated with negligent credentialing/peer review. This new resource offers you an affordable, time-saving solution to medical staff leadership training.






Verify & Comply: Credentialing, Medical Staff, and Ambulatory Care Standards

Celebrated by medical staff and credentialing professionals for over 15 years, Verify & Comply: Credentialing, Medical Staff, and Ambulatory Care Standards, 8th Edition, is one of HCPro’s most popular credentialing and accreditation resources. Credentialing and medical staff standards and regulations are covered in one easy-to-navigate side-by-side crosswalk, giving MSPs one book that answers all their accreditation questions.


Core Privileges for Physicians, Seventh Edition


Need help updating your clinical privilege forms? Let us do the research for you. This comprehensive resource contains sample delineation of privileges forms for 78 physician specialties and subspecialties. Feel confident knowing the criteria in the forms have been researched and reviewed by privileging experts, saving you the time and hassle of doing so. These forms are downloadable and customizable, so you can edit them to fit your medical staff’s specific needs.


Effective Peer Review




This book addresses ways to enhance all of the components of a successful competency assessment program, from case review to OPPE and FPPE, with entire chapters dedicated to medical staff culture, multispecialty peer review, and avoiding peer review pitfalls.






Credentialing, Privileging, and Medical Staff Governance


Covering a wide range of timely functions and terms across today’s diverse practitioner vetting and governance landscape, this book is an on-the-go, must-have resource packed with information for industry professionals across career stages and healthcare environments.






Credentials Verification: Best Practices Online Learning






Credentials Verification: Best Practices explains the nuances of privileging and credentialing to MSPs who are new to their role or could use a refresher on the basics. Learners will take away a new or more thorough understanding of their tasks and the context for what they do as they discover acceptable sources for credentials verification, the differences between verifying competency and previous affiliations, and the challenges of verifying professional references.




The Peer Review Evaluation Program


The Peer Review Evaluation Program is the result of the 10 plus years Robert J. Marder has spent assessing peer review systems. In a 60-minute phone call, Dr. Marder will go over the current obstacles you are facing in your peer review program.


Prior to the call, you will answer a comprehensive self-assessment which focuses on peer review best practices, rather than an evaluation of regulatory compliance. The assessment’s criteria are based on Dr Marder’s experience and focus on criteria divided into a number of categories.


Credentialing Resource Center Virtual Event -




Credentialing Resource Center Virtual Event delivers engaging education and training to MSPs, medical staff leaders, and quality directors in credentialing environments spanning the care continuum. Top industry experts impart fresh insight and actionable strategies for developing and sustaining effective credentialing, privileging, competence assessment, and medical staff governance processes amid constant changes to healthcare service delivery and reimbursement.





Credentialing Resource Center


The Credentialing Resource Center (CRC) is the premier destination for credentialing, privileging, and peer review expertise. Membership provides MSPs, quality professionals, and medical staff leaders with a collection of continuously updated tools, best practice strategies, and compliance tips developed by industry experts.



Assessing Competency & Credentialing Concerns in Early- & Late-Career Practitioners



Medical staff leaders are obligated to assess each practitioner’s capacity to perform all requested privileges. To avoid singling out practitioners, some medical staffs have begun implementing policies that spell out stricter vetting and monitoring processes for older practitioners. During this 90-minute webinar, attendees will receive guidance to determine if an age-related policy is right for their organizations, identify resources for fitness-for-duty screenings, and discuss legal issues that could arise from over-vetting or under-vetting late-career practitioners.


Chapter Leader's Guide to the Medical Staff



Break down The Joint Commission’s medical staff requirements into easy-to-understand solutions to meet the challenges of these complex standards. Get simplified explanations of the chapter’s key components along with communication techniques to help foster a strong and successful partnership between survey coordinator and chapter leader.




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