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Education and guidance on complex topics such as MDS, the survey process, and reimbursement to help long-term care administrators, reimbursement professionals, and clinical staff members break down confusing regulations into easy-to-understand processes and procedures.

Essential In-Services for Long-Term Care: Education for Frontline Staff, 2021 Edition


The material in this book covers the most essential topics in long-term care, including COVID-19, infection control, emergency preparedness, and behavior management,. Its in-services keep learners up to date with new regulations and cover topics such as influenza, safe social media practices, and activities of daily living.


Medicare Guide for SNF Billing and Reimbursement



Long-term care billers play a vital role in ensuring proper reimbursement for their facility—but that role is not easy. With the new Prospective Payment System (PPS) transforming the long-term care billing landscape, billers need to ensure they are not leaving money on the table.


Competency-Based Care & Facility Assessments


Learn how to properly conduct assessments, and how to develop a competency-based training program, plus practical tools including more than 100 competency assessments, this resource is everything long-term care leadership needs.


MDS Care Plans





Save time and unnecessary effort by eliminating documentation redundancy when completing the CAA. The worksheets included in this manual will help you improve resident outcomes by knowing what to look for in each assessment.


MDS 3.0 RAI User’s Manual




Remain compliant and informed with CMS’ latest updates while completing resident assessments, ensuring proper reimbursement, and providing quality care.



The Big Book of Resident Activities, Second Edition



The Big Book of Resident Activities, Second Edition outlines more than 100 specific activity ideas by target audience, timeframe, recommended group size, and cognitive function. No matter what the clinical condition or cognitive limitation, this book offers activities that suit each resident’s distinct needs and interests. Tools and downloads for activity professionals include sample care plans and resident assessments, sample activity calendars, and sample press releases, posters, and letters to keep family members involved and boost your facility’s reputation.


Medicare Boot Camp®—Long-Term Care Version






HCPro's Medicare Boot Camp®—Long-Term Care Version covers the latest Medicare rules and regulations so that you can help your facility provide quality resident care, document successfully, bill appropriately for services, and prevent payment denials.


This live, instructor led class follows a Medicare patient from preadmission through discharge, addressing the function of each department, and uncovering the pitfalls along the way.



A SNF's Guide to ICD-10 Coding and Operations Under PDPM



The go-to guide for ensuring proper reimbursement under Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM). This book includes chapter-specific coding guidelines, featuring examples and language specific to SNFs, with an instructional guide on how specific coding will map to PDPM clinical categories and its impact on non-therapy ancillary billing.



Preventing Urinary Tract Infections in Long-Term Care



This book provides a one-stop shop for addressing the unique challenges of preventing UTIs in today's long-term healthcare environment. While the highest levels of patient care are always top of mind for healthcare facilities, issues related to UTIs can have additional implications for reimbursements and revenue.


Each chapter in this field guide combines the expertise of two seasoned healthcare professionals to supply evidence-based knowledge and firsthand experience, helping providers identify cause and effect to develop competency-based training and implement an effective UTI prevention program.


The Comprehensive Manual for Nursing Home Administration


Nursing home administrators have a multitude of responsibilities in running a compliant and efficient facility. This resource is a complete desk reference that encompasses the knowledge and guidance administrators need.


This updated edition provides insight into resident care regulations, facility reimbursement, and the clinical and rehabilitative elements of skilled nursing services. Author Brian Garavaglia, PhD, details the roles and responsibilities of nursing home administrators for professionals both new and seasoned.



SNF Compliance & Ethics Toolkit




This updated version of the SNF Compliance & Ethics Toolkit includes new sample policies and even more downloadable resources to help your facility be ever-vigilant for high-risk, problem-prone areas; identify key areas of noncompliance based on previous Office of Inspector General reports; and monitor claims for accuracy to avoid financial and marketing hardships.


This resource offers practical, efficient ways to train and educate staff, develop self-correcting actions, and stay on top of the constantly changing regulatory environment in long-term care.



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