Long-Term Care Resource Center


Education and guidance on complex topics such as MDS, the survey process, and reimbursement to help long-term care administrators, reimbursement professionals, and clinical staff members break down confusing regulations into easy-to-understand processes and procedures.

50 Essential Inservices for Long-Term Care



Stay up to date with new regulations and important topics such as drug regimen review, safe social media practices, and activities of daily living.



Medicare Guide for SNF Billing and Reimbursement


Long-term care billers play a vital role in ensuring proper reimbursement for their facility—but that role is not easy. With the new Prospective Payment System (PPS) transforming the long-term care billing landscape, billers need to ensure they are not leaving money on the table.


Competency-Based Care & Facility Assessments


Learn how to properly conduct assessments, and how to develop a competency-based training program, plus practical tools including more than 100 competency assessments, this resource is everything long-term care leadership needs.


MDS Care Plans



Save time and unnecessary effort by eliminating documentation redundancy when completing the CAA. The worksheets included in this manual will help you improve resident outcomes by knowing what to look for in each assessment.


MDS 3.0 RAI User’s Manual




Remain compliant and informed with CMS’ latest updates while completing resident assessments, ensuring proper reimbursement, and providing quality care.



SNF Consolidated Billing Under PDPM



Presented by: Jennifer Matoushek, MBA/HCM, CPC


This webinar will provide a thorough understanding of how consolidated billing works under PDPM. This knowledge equips billing and administrative staff to determine which residents are subject to consolidated billing when there is a leave of absence, to pay the correct vendor invoices, to communicate efficiently with other vendors and physicians, and to determine the Medicare allowable amount for services provided by outside vendors.


SNF Patient-Driven Payment Model Boot Camp





The new Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) is now in effect. While staff will continue to rely on computer software to convert MDS assessment data to calculate reimbursement rates, it will be vital to fully understand the rate calculation methodology to properly identify opportunities to maximize reimbursement and accurately project revenue.

Calculate SNF PPS reimbursement rates based on the 6 PDPM rate components, conduct effective admissions prescreening for revenue and expense projections, and much more!



PPS Alert for Long-Term Care




PPS Alert for Long-Term Care is the industry’s leading resource devoted to navigating long-term care professionals through the MDS and PPS processes and continual shifts in regulatory compliance, as well as keeping you informed of top industry news. This monthly, digital publication features practical tips, how-to guidance, and vital tools from our team of long-term care experts to help your facility remain compliant and quality-focused.


Medicare Boot Camp—Long-Term Care Version



HCPro's Medicare Boot Camp—Long-Term Care Version covers the latest Medicare rules and regulations so that you can help your facility provide quality resident care, document successfully, bill appropriately for services, and prevent payment denials.


This training follows a Medicare patient from preadmission through discharge, addressing the function of each department, and uncovering the pitfalls along the way.


MDS 3.0: Mastering Section GG and other changes effective October 1



Presented by: Debbie Ohl, RN, M.Msc, PhD

During this 90-minute on-demand webcast, expert speaker Debbie Ohl, RN, M.Msc, PhD, will show you the difference in coding and content between Sections G, Functional status and Section GG, functional ability and goals, describe the coding requirements and the problems that can occur, as well as review the six new quality measures and regulators’ rationale for the changes.


SNF Compliance & Ethics Toolkit



Get new sample policies and resources to help your facility be ever-vigilant for high-risk, problem-prone areas; identify key areas of noncompliance based on previous Office of Inspector General reports; and monitor claims for accuracy to avoid financial and marketing hardships.



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