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Client Reviews

"If I didn’t have TrainingToday it would take me five days to come up with and prepare for training. With TrainingToday I have programs ready to go with training handouts printed beforehand. We saw a night and day difference in warehouse safety."

Eric Hintz, Safety Manager, Kundafood Service
"Without TrainingToday, we wouldn’t even have the training content to start with. We’d be starting from scratch."
Judy Kendall, HR Senior Manager, Yakima County
"I have been doing training and HR for over 15 years and these are by far the best videos I have ever seen. They use real attorneys to explain the dos and don’ts, and the videos are very well done. I think the Ag-Power team is going to feel this is a huge improvement over the (. . .) safety videos we used for the last two years — and BLR’s TrainingToday is a lot less expensive."
Stephanie Mistler, PHR, Ag-Power Inc
"Before TrainingToday we didn’t have employee training. We needed to bring awareness to specific training topics, ensure trainees understood the content, and how it would be included in Dimeo’s company culture.

We are a construction management company, and our field employees sometimes struggle to find time to take the training. This problem was remedied with TrainingToday. Now each employee has the ability to take training at their leisure, and they could also pause training and return to it later if needed.

If you’re considering TrainignToday it’s worth it."

Julia Hall, Community Compliance Coordinator, Dimeo Construction Company
"We struggled to find courses and suitable training times that worked for all employees. You can do your research, but BLR is the way to go. TrainingToday’s courses are comprehensive, and you get them for a reasonable price. Price and the course materials available really sold me on TrainingToday."
Kelly Clapham, Director of Human Resources, Evolution Engineering

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