Case Management Resource Center


Case managers and directors will find the practical tools, information, and expert analysis they need to maintain regulatory compliance and achieve the highest-quality patient care.

The Essential Guide to Interprofessional Ethics in Healthcare Case Management


This book will help case managers navigate the ethical conundrums they face as they interact with one another, the healthcare team, and patients and families. Rather than providing a broad-strokes overview of ethics, author Ellen Fink-Samnick takes a focused approach and considers specific scenarios unique to healthcare and case management.


The Social Determinants of Health: Case Management's Next Frontier


This NEW resource is designed to help case managers develop strategies to manage and intervene with the populations predisposed to the risks associated with SDoHs. Not only does this new resource provide practical understanding and theory-based teaching around SDoHs, it also offers coding, assessment, and reimbursement tools for professionals in a clinical setting.


Care Transitions in Case Management




Get guidance on establishing case management processes to bridge the gap between care settings such as ambulatory, acute, and postacute with the goal of arming the patient with community resources to thrive at home. This book is a useful tool for case managers in all settings as they work to improve relationships and resources across the care continuum.


Case Management Boot Camp




The Case Management Boot Camp focuses on arming case managers with knowledge of best practices on topics such as discharge planning, collaborative practice, and utilization management so they can go back to their hospitals, set goals to meet best practices as closely as possible, and raise the bar. It includes strategies for defining the role of case managers and selecting the models that may work best at your facility, in addition to offering practical advice on measuring outcomes related to patient care.


Case Management Virtual Workshop: A Focus on Utilization Management, Patient Status, and Auditing


Presented by: June Stark, RN, BSN, Med


The role of case management is evolving beyond checking up on patient status as case managers become increasingly involved in analyzing Medicare regulations, tracking insurance authorizations, and studying healthcare reform.

During this three-hour virtual workshop, participants will understand the critical role of case managers in today’s UM committees and complex healthcare landscape.


Case Management and Utilization Review Essential Skills Online Learning



Case Management and Utilization Review Essential Skills Online Learning is comprehensive training for case managers on the floor, as well as those who are directors or managers. This library provides the core skills vital to get staff up to speed in an engaging, interactive learning format by providing popular topics essential to case management and covering them in great detail.



Case Management Guide to Population Health


A comprehensive playbook for ensuring the effectiveness of a population health program! This resource is designed to help case management and other healthcare professionals examine social determinants of population health, gauge the sustainability of population health modules in case management, and measure case management outcomes.


The Hospital Case Management Orientation Manual


This book’s focus is utilization management, discharge planning, and relevant CMS regulations. It can help new case managers learn how to perform their jobs effectively on their own time. It can also serve as a wide-ranging resource for more experienced case managers, particularly those whose training was less than adequate.



Case Management Patient Communication Toolkit


The information the case manager communicates to the patient, family, hospital team, and postacute care providers is paramount to getting the patient the right care in the right place at the right time and potentially avoiding a readmission. This resource helps ensure case managers are delivering that correct universal message!