Chargemaster (CDM) Solutions

Changing Environment, New Requirements


New regulations, pricing transparency requirements, and thinning margins are causing healthcare organizations to become even more reliant on their CDM being truly comprehensive, transparent, and up to date. And these environmental changes are all coming through at a time when expanded code sets and a constantly growing list of charges are causing most legacy CDM systems to timeout, or limit your work productivity, because they’re simply not designed to handle that breadth and richness of data.

The wrong solution can have you playing catch-up every day, indefinitely. On the other hand, up-to-date chargemaster management software can change your work environment and revenue efficiency for the better, with remarkable speed. If you’re replacing your CDM management solution, you have a big decision to make — and there’s a lot riding on that decision. Our hope is that this guide will help you make the right one.

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