Clinical Documentation Integrity Department Investments and Communicating Value

Clinical documentation integrity (CDI) programs offer immense value to their organizations, including more accurate financial reimbursement and improved quality scores. When organizational leaders understand this value, they invest in the CDI program—from funding new staff positions, to expanding the scope of CDI reviews, to securing technological solutions and consultant services.

In partnership with 3M, the Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS) CDI Leadership Council asked several of its members to evaluate the results of a nationwide survey on CDI program investments and communicating value, and to discuss their organizational approach to these topics.

In this industry report, readers get a full inside-look at the expert CDI leadership conversation and the data surrounding 2021 budget planning, communicating CDI value, staffing, physician education, consultant use, and more!

Major takeaways

  • According to nearly all survey respondents, their organizations see the value in a CDI program as we move into 2021. As a result of this perceived value, nearly three quarters said they believe their educational budget will either remain the same as it was in 2020 or be increased.
  • When it comes to communicating the CDI department’s value, the majority of survey respondents rated presenting financial metrics a most effective method, followed by sharing key performance indicator dashboards.
  • Despite COVID-19-related budget restrictions, staff furloughs, and layoffs in 2020, 37% of survey respondents believe they will hire full-time staff in 2021.

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