• ACDIS CDI Apprenticeship

The ACDIS CDI Apprenticeship is a certificate program comprised of foundational CDI education paired with a review of core compliance and ethical principles. Candidates who pass the final exam receive a certificate of CDI foundational training and are allowed to designate themselves as an ACDIS-Approved CDI Apprentice.

  • NEW! Pediatric CDI Essential Skills

This one-of-a-kind course offers those interested in expanding their clinical documentation (CDI) improvement efforts into pediatric and children's cornerns an in-depth look at the nuances of clinical conditions can be much more complex than those faced by adults and they come with very specific diagnostic evaluations that CDI professionals need to know in order to quert effectively, win physician's trust, and ensure the appropriate story about their tiny patients' care gets captured accurately.

  • CDI Competency Assessment

The CDI Competency Assessment is the perfect tool to self-assess your CDI educational needs, or to evaluate your staff to pinpoint areas where they will benefit from education.

This 100-question, easy-to-use online assessment tool is divided into four sections:

      -General knowledge 

      -Clinical content 


     -Quality and risk adjustment 

  • Clinical Documentation Essentials for the Hospital Resident

This library of 17 courses provides residents and other hospital-based physicians with a thorough grounding in the basics of compliant clinical documentation. Learners will be able to describe how complete and accurate documentation ensures an accurate depiction of a patient’s severity of illness. After completing all courses in the library, learners will have the opportunity to take a final examination and earn a certificate of documentation integrity along with CME and CCDS credits.

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement Boot Camp®

Improve your CDI know-how with ACDIS-endorsed best practices for medical record review and compliant physician querying. Learn the ins and outs of Medicare’s IPPS methodology and how it relates to short-term acute care hospital reimbursement, which is often a focus of CDI efforts. Specifically, participants learn about MS-DRG methodology, including how MS-DRGs are assigned and how documentation affects code assignment and sequencing.

  • CCDS Exam Prep Class

The CCDS Exam Prep Class is a convienent addition to your preparation for the CCDS exam and your efforts to advance in your professional career. It provides an overview of CDI knowledge and test-taking skills. Adding this course to your CCDS preparation will allow you to tackle the exam with confidence.


  • CDI and Quality Care Measures Boot Camp®

​The CDI and Quality Care Measures Boot Camp is an intensive course designed for CDI departments/programs looking to move to the next level of CDI-not just diagnosis review and clarification, but how diagnoses impact hospital quality metrics and influence indirect revenues. This course covers publicly reported quality data and how code assignment affects quality metrics, including but not limited to the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program. 


  • CDI Outpatient Boot Camp®

This module covers the evolution of CDI from the inpatient to the outpatient setting. It examines the roles of CDI and coding professionals and their involvement in medical record review and provider education. It also reviews the ICD-10-CM and HCPCS/CPT code sets. 

  • Risk Adjustment Coding Boot Camp®

​The Risk Adjustment Documentation and Coding Boot Camp goes beyond just knowing how to code for a condition. It explores where to obtain coding information as well as where to look for documentation deficiencies to improve overall risk scores. Similiar to how implementing a clinical documentation improvement (CDI) department strengthens documentation for DRG assignment, this Boot Camp uses the same principles to improve documentation for risk adjustment.


  • Mastering Clinical Concepts Boot Camp®

​The Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp focuses on key pathophysiological concepts that will improve the quality of clinical indicators used in provider queries. The practical material covered enhances critical thinking skills and prepares CDI speicalists to be leaders in their field and communicate colloboratively with providers. 




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