Online Summit | August 26, 2021



The pandemic turned a new page for CDI. Much of the workforce has gone remote and payment has shifted towards value-based purchasing and risk-based models. The world of CDI has changed and adapting to the new technology is the path of the future. Join us and industry leaders as we explore the future of CDI at this virtual event on August 26. This half day event will focus on topics that are important to CDI professionals in the new healthcare landscape we find ourselves in.  


ACDIS Virtual Summit: CDI Innovations Opening Panel

Time: 10:00 AM EDT

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. Payment is increasingly shifting to value-based purchasing and risk-based, capitated payment models. Most CDI staff went remote during the COVID-19 pandemic and many departments will remain that way. New technologies have developed to adapt to these new realities, changing the landscape of what we think of traditional CDI.

Join us on Thursday, August 26, for ACDIS Virtual Summit: CDI Innovations. Open to qualified CDI professionals, this event features an opening panel session on the future of the CDI profession, including technology pros/cons, expansion into new settings and services, and the CDI professional of tomorrow.


Christopher Petrilli, MD, SFHM, CCDS, Medical Director for CDI, NYU Langone Health

Madhu Subherwal, MHA, MBBS, CCDS, CDIP, CDI Manager, Torrance Memorial Medical Center
Deanne Wilk, BSN, RN, CCDS, CDIP, CCDS-O, CCS, Director of CDI, Penn State Health
Credits: 1 CCDS and CCDS-O

Greater than the Sum of its Parts: Enhancing CDI at Ardent Health Services through the use of CAPD Technology

Time: 11:05 AM EDT

There is a belief that computer assisted physician documentation (CAPD) technology is a zero-sum game with CDI. Join us as we discuss how Ardent Health Services changed minds and behavior to prove how automated guidance enhances the experience for physicians, CDS, and made a substantial impact on the organization’s documentation accuracy and bottom line.



Adrienne Younger, BSN, CCDS, Assistant Vice President of Clinical Documentation, Ardent Health Services


Sponsored by: Nuance


Credits: 1 CCDS and CCDS-O


You Cannot Innovate Alone: How to Step out of Silos and Transform Together

Time: 12:10 PM EDT

Starting in 2019, Banner Health’s CDI and coding departments began a journey of relationship building and collaboration. Prior to that time, the two departments rarely partnered together and worked within silos. This session will highlight the journey these two departments have taken to truly become collaborative partners.

CDI Director Jessica Risner, BSN, RN, CCDS, will review actionable items leaders and staff can use within their own departments. Topics will include professional relationship building, combined staff education, standardized query templates, optimizing provider education, and leveraging technology to get it all done.  


Jessica Risner, BSN, RN, CCDS, Director of CDI, Banner Health


Credits: 1 CCDS and CCDS-O

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