2020 CDI Leadership Mastermind Hot Topic Guide

CDI leaders find themselves involved in so many different projects. Advice on how to juggle it all can often be found by connecting with peers outside their organizations to collaborate, swap advice, and share challenges and successes. The ACDIS CDI Leadership Council serves the purpose of connecting leaders across the country for conversations about the hot topics in CDI and industry trends. But a smaller subset of the Council, launched in March 2020, provides participants with an opportunity for focused brainstorming and problem-solving.

This multi-topic resource, produced in partnership with 3M Health Information Systems, shares some takeaways from the first-ever CDI Leadership Council Mastermind group at the conclusion of its term. These conversations covered staff onboarding, managing and engaging remote staff, establishing and overseeing a retrospective review process, developing key performance indictors (KPI), incorporating denials management efforts, and determining what it means to have an advanced CDI program.

We hope that you’ll read the resource fully, but also that you can use it for focused guidance on topics central to your CDI program’s needs.

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